We are looking for a passionate individual in Technology & Marketing to work in promoting and expanding the Xonos.Host brand.


Your role will require you to work alongside our Directors & Head of Support in promoting the Xonos.Host brand & the Xonos Communications LTD company where needed.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Design, create and distribute promotional material across social media
  • Create and continue relationships with partners, brands, and customers.
  • Organize deals and promotions.


  • Basic experience in Graphic Design & creating promotional material
  • You have a genuine friendly, optimistic, and helpful attitude.
  • You are willing to learn, be open-minded and not be afraid to ask for help if required.

Helpful Attributes

  • Previous experience in promoting a brand or company
  • Previous experience with the following software & tools:
    • Graphic Design: Photoshop, Paint.NET
    • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Linkedin
    • WHMCS and/or ticketing and live-chat products.
    • GSuite: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets
  • Previous experience working remotely.